True Confessions of a Landlord’s Counsel: What a Commercial Tenant Needs to Know When Negotiating a Lease

Part 7:  Additional Rent – Common Area Maintenance Costs. Common Area Maintenance costs (generally known as “CAM”), should be one of the most negotiated areas of a commercial lease as so many factors and positions come into play which will vary according to the make-up of each commercial project.  A tenant needs to be wary that its Landlord is not using CAM costs as potential profit center for the management, operation and maintenance of its commercial project.  Likewise, a tenant [...]

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To Hug or Not to Hug…

During her 14 years of employment with the Yolo County Sheriff’s office, Victoria Zetwick, a retired deputy, was hugged by Sheriff, Ed Prieto, at least 100 times, by her own estimate.  Sheriff Prieto also frequently kissed her on the cheek, typically at work-related ceremonies, such as promotional or welcome ceremonies, award parties and Christmas banquets. In one instance, nine years prior to filing suit, Sheriff Prieto encountered Ms. Zetwick at an award banquet and congratulated her on her recent marriage [...]

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