Estate Planning for Special Needs

A sound, up-to-date estate plan is important for virtually every adult, but it is absolutely essential if you have loved ones with special needs.  Chances are, there is or will be someone in your family who will need long-term help managing finances and/or personal care.  Many individuals with special needs will be financially dependent on others for their entire lives.  That could be as long as 70 years for a child whose life expectancy is not affected by the condition [...]

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23-Year Old Beneficiary Designation Defeats Recent Will

Your ex-wife or ex-husband can inherit your life insurance proceeds if you fail to update your beneficiary designation prior to death – even if your Will explicitly states that you do not want your ex-spouse to inherit anything from you in any way, shape, or form after you die.  How can this be?  Shouldn’t your express written desire to cut off your ex-spouse from your estate be honored? While this end result may offend your common sense, distribution of life [...]

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